Flash eclipse problem

hey i wanted to upload flash eclipse to my browser here is the source:

But i get this:

I am going to try to help you with this one, but specify, what are you trying to achieve, and what do you get as a result, apart from a white screen.

i am trying to put flash eclipse on the browser… and appart from the white screen i also saw a black flash and it disapears in like 1 second…

You do realize that you need to compile the file first right? It isn’t included by default.

yeah i found that out… but that wasnt the big issue at al the problem was that i was an .exe file …. baron did say that in his topic but i didnt read that … i know very noobish but yeah it can happen

the first release version had an .fla you could compile from.

The currently available one is a compiled exe for local deployment because the web based one was proving too hard without more documentation.

Publishing pipeline is as follows:

Open fla > actionscript toggle sitelocking and host IP on frame 1 actions > compile to .swf > upload.swf and run directly or embed on a webpage.

Thank you it worked.


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