NPC Dialogue?

I was wondering if eclipse can handle NPC dialogue and if so has anyone done it?

I was also wondering if it was possible to like ‘summon’ an npc monster that will attack whatever you wish…(if done so)

You can do this through the Event System found in the official version & ER.

Or by using the conv. editor available in Sekaru’s Optimized EO, Which I strongly recommend.

Go to Custom Versions section of the forums to download any of these engines.

Hope this helped.

Sekaru’s engine has a conversation system. You could rip it from that and put it into your engine, or you could use his engine.

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If you are using 2.0…

For NPC dialouge use:


For Summoning NPCs:




The HOA engine has everything you want already built-in, but is based off of 2.0 and does not have events.

Thank you for the help.

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