Artists neded for WIP Scifi assets

Hello all,

I know its been a very long time. We have ported the game to the Unity3d engine and we are far along in our developement.

You can find our project here:


Also this is our site:

Our elcipse engine was more than done to make a great 2d game. We realy just needed some more artwork and maps done better. I dug out and dusted off this project to take a look at how we had layed out the editors but it got me thinking how much of a waist this would be to not make this a 2d version of our game.

I have a graphic artists to do the UI once we get more of the art and maps done. I have written the theme and quests.

What we need is:

Sprite artists hopefully 2

Mappers. Looking for any that will help.

We are using an older version of Eclips but it is fully coded. We are just missing the art.

I am not sure how the forums $ works but it may be possable to pay some for specific work. But the bulk of our finances are being sunk into the 3d game.

Please post here if you can help. I would hate to see a project like this one die.

I would be willing to trade the finished engine for artwork also.

Oh BTW these are the extra coded features we added.

So it is ready to make many types of games from the same engine.



To mount: type “/mount” without the quotation marks

To dismount: type “/dismount” without the quotation marks

When you mount, your strength and speed will be increased by 10, and your sprite

will be changed.


Npcs can create and delete guilds.

Creating Guilds

Deleting Guilds


Type “/setmine” to place a mine on your current spot. The tile you’re on will change,

indicating that a mine is there. If anyone steps on it, the player will lose damage

according to how much strength the player that placed it had. At this point, the tile

will change back to its original state.




When you have the bag item in your inventory, you can access 8 extra inventory slots.


Players can place their own ships in the world map and sell items they price. These shops can be placed just about anywere in the world.


Make any item in the item editor as a Chest item to utilize the Loot Table. It

works by itself; all you have to do it make an enemy able to drop the item, or place

the item on the map in some way. You can choose the range of currency and items you

want on the item editor. Whenever the item spawns on the map, it will automatically

generate random items in the chest, within the range you specified.


To invite someone into your raid, simply type "/raid " and then the player username.

Raid Warping

Only the raid leader can warp the whole raid somewhere by talking to an NPC. All the

raid members on the map will be warped with the raid leader.

Start-Up Items

When someone joins the game using a new character, he/she will automatically receive

specified items depending on his/her class.


Type “/roll” to roll a number. It will say which number you rolled in the chatbox.


You can only revive other players if you’re a Doctor. Type “/revive” and then the

player’s username to revive the player if he/she is dead.

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