[PAID] Coding / Mapping

Would like to pay someone to help me out, i have no idea how to even begin the coding requests but should not be too hard.


Coding; Onscreen buff icon + info: You cast Rage that gives 5 STR, Its icon is displayed under the hot bar and when hovered over it tells you remaining time of the buff and its stats/name etc. A bit like when you hover over a spell icon.

Another coding one; In game item market for premium items etc (i know what you’re thinking!). For instance 99% of all F2P mmorpgs have a premium shop, where if you buy say diamonds you can spend those in the market and get a slight advantage.

Auth Server:

Looking for someone to either sell me, or code me a auth server that handles with accounts etc. If coding from scratch: I would need it to handle the accounts side of things totally whilst removing the stuff the a-server handles out of my current server. If selling me the source to a current server i would require help on what to remove from my current server etc.

All payments are VIA Paypal and would like the coding to be via tutorial. No my engine is nothing special but still i am not handing it out. Please respect this.

Also please do not comment about making money on Eclipse, I am going to be changing the “premium” market around that people can get access to a special currency in game, it was just the best way to describe it. Its is not a money making thing, just a premium shop for world bosses/events etc.

Can give names of people who i have paid if needed.


  1. Something like in Crystalsaga when you level up or you do some quests a gift chest is given which gives random items?

  2. Runescape

  3. Using Deathbeam’s tutorial?

  4. Like in Warspear Online

never played crystal saga, got the idea from WoI / BoI

played Rs but not sure where the idea came from

didnt know he did one :s

Never even heard of warspear online :s ?

  1. http://www.aeriagames.com/playnow/cysus

  2. Their potions system (attack, defence etc)

  3. His is basic I believe. I don’t think it has the features u asked for.

  4. http://warspear-online.com/en/home good game to play with. Runs on iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Windows.

For the item type there’s a tutorial here (not my work, though it’s a nice thing)

You can just change the max amount of items it can drop, and set it to 100% chance for every one you want a sure drop.

For the potions, you could make them items that cast “self-cast” range instantaneous buff spells. (Of course, this is assuming you have buff spells to start with, though those would be easier to make because spells already have all the timing stuff)

I hope this helped somewhat. For the rest, you’d have to, at least, mention what engine your game is based on, so anyone that wants to help can know where to start.

(though that in-game item market would be just making another currency and shops that use it)

/snip so i am recruiting a mapper who can use ER to build the basis /snip

Thanks for the other replies, would prefer a nicer looking shop much like other F2P mmorpgs than using the current shop system.

Going to check out the container tut, thanks for that!

Have a mapper, looking for the coding still

Still looking for another mapper and coding work done, pm me if your interested. Cash waiting

server is offline… yesterday too.

hmm server has not been turned off :o thinking ip might of changed when i have been out…


artofgaming.no-ip.org new IP :)

client - data files - config - change the IP=[insert ip here] to IP=artofgaming.no-ip.org

yah it good now. :)

Glad its its all fixed now, you should of left me a PM or a skype to let me know :P

Are you still looking for a coder?

i should of really removed this from my sig, but it really depends on what you can offer? I’m still looking for the above plus a auth server.

I feel obliged to say i am waiting for some money to clear into my bank, would rather discuss payments and amounts through PM.

Lol, we dicussed some work a while back but you never got back to me.

inbox me again so i can read older messages

Well I’ll tell you, as a programmer, I wouldn’t be willing to simply make a tutorial for you. I would need hands on access to your project to work and debug the code to peak performance. If you want a serious programmer and a decent engine, I suggest hiring someone who you feel you can trust, and leave them access to your source via something like DropBox. It will make programming the engine much smoother, faster, and easier for your programmer.

Are you still looking for mapper?  🙂

Updated main post, looking for coding work, mainly auth server or premium market (the market ties in with my bosses/world spawns etc).

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