Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

So how bout them new units?

Protoss get OP stuff, Zerg get OP Stuff…. Terran… Terrans get jack!

Any way I got HOTS the day after it came out, it awesome, already beat it. The Zerg Campaign was great! It reviled a lot of answers that the WOL campaign opened up. I like how you can actively change most of your development choices unlike with the Terrans your development choices where mostly permanent.

The new PVP units:


Oracle- A new protoss caster that can grant vision of units and stuctures, slow time in an area, and give support fire by attacking ground units

Tempest- A slow-attack, extreamly long-range flier that can attack from out side most unit and structure ranges, its ranges exceeds it vision so observers are commonly used with them.

Mothership core- new protoss flyer that is the new step you have to go though to build a mother ship. It can mass recall, see cloaked and burrowed targets, and turn a nexus into a massive cannon for a short time. the Core can be upgraded to a full mother ship.


Swarm Host- Weak and defenseless above ground, but once burrowed releases automated locusts to attack nearby enemy units. (2 per swarm host)

Viper- New Zerg Flyer-caster that can pick up enemy units and pull them to the viper’s location. great for separating the enemy forces and picking them off 1 by 1. The viper can also case a blinding cloud that reduces all ranged units to melee. The last thing vipers can do is eat part of zerg structures to rapidly regain energy.


Hellbat- New light mech unit that sprays a cone of fire. Once the right tech is learned you can freely transform the Hellbat into Hellions and back.

Widow Mine- A tiny mech unit that is harmless above ground, but once it burrows it activates and fires missiles at any ground or air unit within range. the cool down between missiles is 40 seconds however. They work best in large groups.

Starcraft2 Is awesome!

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