Scifi assets

Can anyone please post links to scifi assets here.

Mechs, ship, characters ect… and tile sets for maps please.

Moved to resource requests.

(You should also include more detail on what exactly you are looking for…)

Well I am returning and lost my entire old folder on an older computer. I need characters more sci fi and military.


Space ships


tile sets (military and scifi)

I had a full game full of free art from the old stable days. Now I am at 0.

Any links to art other than fantasy will help.

This link will take you to a site with alot of links to sci-fi gfx.

Wow tyvm. I’m digging into it all now.

I found almost everything that we are not making ourselves. We just need some good scifi items now. This is the one thing that they dont have much of out there.

Found a couple of websites>




tyvm I found all of those. Right now I am having a hard time finding Sci-fi, military and modern item sets. I have some very nice tiles being made and some custom sprite sets comming. Items are harder to find.

Things like guns, containers, military and future armor and all kinds of usfull items for games like computer chips ect… I could use some realistic pics if I could find a bunch.

I suggest trying to contact Erwin from World Life Warfare, he has many guns and military things, he was trying to make a militaristic game. Try giving he a message.

IF that doesn’t work try browsing through item packs, I’m sure this one has some useful things:

Thank you. That link was down but I am going to contact Ferwin.

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