Question about player targeting

Im trying to design a system that displays a players information upon targeting them. Where would I write the code If player=targeted then drawCharInfo? Under which sub? Im using the latest version of EA. I have enumerated GUI_CHARINFO and i have a sub DrawCharInfo already implemented. Thanks for any help!

When the player targets someone a packet is send to the server with the new update the player targeted. When this packet is handled I would thing it would be best to sent a packet to the client with the target’s information, and the client can handle by drawing the sub.

So I cant handle it all on the client side?

no you can’t, player information,other than simple name and sometimes level, isn’t visible to other players on the client side. you would have to retrieve the data and send it to the client when the targeting take place, just as

Abhi2011 said.

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