Connecting Outside Users?

How do you connect outside users to your server in EO? I’m trying to get a friend to join the server while I’m inside so that we can both work on building stuff in-game.

First, how does he connect to my server?

Second, is it possible to customize the game while both of us are in the game?


First of all you have to make your game online… port forwarding ect…

And yes if you grant him administrator access through the server panel you can both edit the game together.

Hope I helped :)

Forward the port that your server uses, and set the IP in the client to your external IP address. He should be able to connect now.

Ok, so I’ve set a static IP and enabled portforwarding… now what?

Now set the server port to the port you have forwarded, and change the IP and port settings to the IP of your server computer and port to the port that was forwarded.

Where, though? I didn’t notice an area to change these settings on the log-in page.

In your client’s Config.ini, there should be two lines


Port= 7001

That’s the default. Change the IP to your external IP, and change the port to the one you’ve forwarded.

Awesome! Thanks!

So I got everything done as described, but the program just closes when I try and register a new account. Any suggestions?

Possibly an issue with firewall settings? When I put in an incorrect ip address, it just says the server is down. When I put in the right one, the game just closes - no error, no warning, no nothing.

Nevermind, I’m a full retard sometimes. I got it working. Thanks guys.

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