Some unanswered "beginner" questions…

Hello everyone,

first of all, im fairly new to Eclipse and used the Eclipse Advanced to play a little bit around. Then i switched to Eclipse Reborn and started a project.

Now there are some questions. I used the search function for every question, but could not find answers for this.

1. New Player Character

I found the “classes.ini” in “server->data” to change the classes maximum and start attributes. But i have no idea how to set the amount of Healthpoints and Spiritpoints.

Also when i create a new account, i can still choose between Warrior, Whisperer and Wizard. (Made changes in classes.ini to have 1 class with the name “Hunter”)

The client crash if i choose Whisperer or Wizard.

2. Map Fog

In Eclipse Reborn can i set fog in the map properties. This works well, until i leave and rejoin the map. The fog is gone after leaving and when i open the map properties, the fog sprite is set to 0 again (other fog options stay).

3. PvP and punishment

Normaly can you start pvp with level 5. Where can i change this number?

I set up some Guard npc with “Assist Other NPC” and “Moral: Good”. They attack people who killed another player. Thats good. But if there are 4 Guards, they will all attack the player. One of the guards have the last hit and kills the player. The player respawns. All 3 Guards who did not finaly kill the player, start attacking the player again. Until every guard killed the player one time. So, is this a bug, feature or whatever? ^^

4. NPC Movement Speed

Looks like the npcs in Eclipse Reborn have a fixed, low movement “frequency” and a very fast movement speed. Means they walk like step,stop,step,stop… I saw someone in the Eclipse Reborn Thread who noticed and commented it too, but looks like nobody really cared. Maybe is it somewhere, somehow changeable?

I think i had more questions, but i dont remember them now. ^^

I hope i did not overlook some answers. If i did, sorry for that, and thanks for every helpful reply.


already more questions ^^

5. Item Respawn Time

I cant set a respawn time when i use “map->attributes->item”. How long is the respawn time and can i change it?

1. Paste your class .ini’s (inside spoilers) there’s something in them that’s making them break by the sounds of it.

The health is done through another process, I believe it’s stats.ini or something similar, as Health and Mana are calculated through stats, for instance, for every 1 str you have give 10hp etc. ALl of this is customisable.

2. Sounds like a bug. If you know how to code with VB6 then take a look at the saving code for the maps and ensure that the fog is working properly and saving properly. Otherwise, find a coder and ask them to take a look.

3. The level for PVP used to be in data.ini on the server, this might have changed, just look around the .ini’s.

As for the gaurd thing, this is simply a bug in the AI. when a player respawns the AI loop doesn’t pick up that they have died for every NPC other than the one who killed them, therefor, the player will remain the current target. This is fixable but you’d have to do it yourself of find a coder to fix that for you.

4. Npc’s have always been like this in eclipse. I use a VERY old version of eclipse and I can honestly say, this has always been the case. It’s to stop the npc’s that attack on sight being able to outrun the player (or something like that)

Although they may be slower on your end, I haven’t used ER so I don’t know exactly how slow you’re saying they go.

5. I didn’t think you ever could change it. It’s a hard coded timer, something like every 5/10 minutes.

5.Server ctrl+f

Public Const ITEM_SPAWN_TIME = 30000 ' 30 seconds

Public Const ITEM_DESPAWN_TIME  = 90000 ' 1:30 seconds

1. If you have VB6 the try finding the GetMaxPlayerVital sub in modCombat. (The very first sub) and add a new case.

2. As stated by Kris has to be a bug.

3. For PVP question -> CanPlayerAttackPlayer there should a be a check that checks if both the players levels are above 5. Change the level to any number you wish or remove the checks completely

5. There is no actual tutorial for this. You could add it or find a coder to do it for you.

Thanks for the fast replies, i think i have all i need :P

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