Adding Custom Fonts

Replace Font_Name and fontname with your font name (obviously)

In modtext add under Public Font_Georgia As CustomFont:

Public Font_Name As CustomFont

In Sub EngineInitFontTextures() under

' Georgia

NumTextures = NumTextures + 1

ReDim Preserve gTexture(NumTextures)

Font_Georgia.Texture.Texture = NumTextures

Font_Georgia.Texture.filepath = App.Path & FONT_PATH & "georgia.png"

LoadTexture Font_Georgia.Texture


' Font Name

NumTextures = NumTextures + 1

ReDim Preserve gTexture(NumTextures)

Font_Name.Texture.Texture = NumTextures

Font_Name.Texture.filepath = App.Path & FONT_PATH & "fontname.png"

LoadTexture Font_Name.Texture

at Sub UnloadFontTextures() add:

UnloadFont Font_Name

at Sub EngineInitFontSettings() add:

LoadFontHeader Font_Name, "fontname.dat"

Use this tutorial to make custom png and dat files:


simple useful tutorial


I’m flattered for linking to my tutorial xD

Anyway, nice tutorial :D

is this for dx7?

is this for dx7?


but it might work… try it.

… any tip on font sizing???

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