(DX8) dont draw paperdolls

i added 2 new equipment slots:

Skin (to replace weapon paperdoll)

Sprite (to replace armor paperdoll)

and i did it:

’ set the paperdoll order

ReDim PaperdollOrder(1 To 10 - 1) As Long

PaperdollOrder(2) = Equipment.shield

If GetPlayerEquipment(MyIndex, skin) > 0 Then

PaperdollOrder(3) = Equipment.skin


PaperdollOrder(3) = Equipment.Weapon

End If

If GetPlayerEquipment(MyIndex, Sprite) > 0 Then

PaperdollOrder(1) = Equipment.Sprite


PaperdollOrder(1) = Equipment.Armor

End If

But he draw the weapon only…

That sets the order, but you’d have to actually blt the paperdoll of that item. I know in EO 2.0 its in bltPlayer in modDirectDraw7

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