I’m trying to get into the video-game-programming-world, and I’m thinking this is a great place to start, but I have this question: what language should I study over the next few weeks that will help me the most with the open source part of this engine?

Remember, this is my first attempt at programming a game, so I’m very ignorant to most thing programming related; I’m basically programming retarded, so please forgive any manner in which I have made myself seem “full retard” in this post. Feel free to ask for clarity or school me in anything you think I might need to know - whatever it is, I probably don’t know it…

Thanks for any help, guys!

Visual Basic 6

Visual Basic 6 is an easy language to learn the basics of. The only issue is that its a tad hard to obtain. If you do decide to go with VB6, message me if you have any questions! I’d love to help you out!

VB6 is also outdated… You might be better off learning C# (pretty much VB.NET) or C++.

I personally enjoyed learning java the most because you can do alot with just the standard libraries that come with it. But in the end it doesnt matter as long as you just DO something and learn stuff about syntax etc. by doing so.

Have fun!


If you’re going to tamper around with the Eclipse engine, you’ll have to learn VB6, but any language you learn will help you understand how to do stuff in a language-agnostic way.

so will java, c#, c++, and other languages directly help me with coding EO (that is, aside from a general understanding of programming languages)? Will, say Java, help me program certain functions in EO, or is it only VB6?

Java won’t help you program functions in EO as it is programmed in VB6. The closest thing you’ll get to VB6 will be other visual basic languages.

Those are C#, C++, etc, right?

no, things like visualbasic 2010 etc. also there is a guy called Marshy Dearest (the owner of this forums) and he is working on a c++ version. you can also start learning C++… but i dont recomend that its a pretty dammn hard lenguage. iam glad if i could help,


If you’re wanting to start learning to code,

Eclispe current run in vb6, if you’re by any chance a student, look into the Microsoft Dreamspark thing and you can get a genuin vb6 there to digitally download.

Otherwise you’ll have to find other methods of obtaining said software.

HOWEVER, vb6 IS outdated, shouldn’t exist so don’t go with that, it’s a ducking abomination.

Java is widely used across various software industries, so that could be a good starting point, OR C#.

I would say C++ BUT that is an incredibly nitty gritty language, and very very easy to duck things up.

I am a student, so fantastic. Thanks!

Doh, my school doesn’t have vb6 for download, only the newer versions of visual studio

There are only a handful of “legal” ways to get VB6 anymore, the biggest of which is being a student at a college or university that offers it as a free download. But Microsoft no longer sells licences for it and they no longer support it but they also don’t want to to just “steal it”. I think it’s stupid, if they threw it away you should be allowed to have it, “one man’s trash, another’s treasure”. There are plenty of ways to get it, and very few will have you actively pursued. It’s up to you if you get it or not. But it is required to do most of the stuff with Eclipse game engines.

However, Java,, C++, and many other languages and editors are free or have free versions which you can use to create games with. has many tutorials that will get you started in almost any language you wish and even has some tutorials about basic game programming.

Another great source for leaning about game creation is the RPG Maker series although most of the coding is done for you they all have an open coding engine where you can change or even add features to you games. they also have many tools that would help you learn about design and planing for games.

There are many options for getting into game design and programming the choice of where to start is yours. Have fun and enjoy your digital journey, there are many willing to help you if you ask.

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