How to send text from Android to PC local

Hi, I’m new here and new with eclipse. Now i working on Food Order System. I want send my div content to PC on LAN. I can copy div content into textarea. Did i need to create chatbox in order to communicate with pc? if so can guide my to build one? Or i can send text using code like appendElement(“divToSend”, “element” ); if divToSend in index.html on localhost:4444? My Sample code i attach it below but some text in Malay or u can see sample in…ique13/KdAxW/5/ . Sorry if i do mistake my english not too good.

Wait, what has this to do with eclipse?

Lol technique we are here an game development forum not an Android or coding for everything forum 😉

Text as in a text message from a phone?

or text as in the word Hello?

A packet is a packet. Send it to the right port with the right header and your server will receive it.

Use notes, transfer thm to dropbox and use a converter. (idk, I had one)

Use ajax.

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