Backround: This is an old mmorpg that was created by Crazed Monkey quite awhile ago. They abandond this game

and created a new game called Illutia (still running) and switched owners and all new programmers.

This game is coded in C# and uses SQL Server as a Database. Everything was recreated by someone acouple years ago by a man who goes by Cypher or

Hayden. After he finished it and got some people to start playing he stoped doing anything to it and put the code out for people

to make thier own servers. All the servers have failed quite fast due to lack of knowlage for code and little modivation. Recently Cypher

changed the code so it would be broken and take actual skill to create a server, and i have fixed it!

What I’m looking for: Right now i am trying to recruit more programmers, people to help write a story and make

more maps ect.

What I expect to do to the game: As the game stands now, it is playable for acouple weeks mabey a few months.

It needs alot more work though!

1. I want to create a story and add more for the player to do besides grind.

2. I want to figure out how the game reads the graphics so eventually we can start adding more.

3. Create a website and start finding people to play.

Screan Shots!


Ill have more screan shots later on.

Love the sprites, i have always been a fan of taller sprites rather than the squished vx look. Are they custom? Good look!

Not custom, they are the same that were from the old game. Currently unable to add any new ones because the graphics files are there own file… so i needa look at the code and see how they run the file…

What I want to know is, this was a game before that was abandoned? So you took the files and fixed them and its completely legal to continue the game?

Like i said before i didnt recreate the server… and yes there is nothing they can do to stop it… they may not like it but we are doing nothing illegal. Unless i start making hundreds of dollors and take it all for my self…

Was it a highly popular game? Did it have a player base? I just feel like this is a legal suit waiting to happen. Like Nintendo and Pokemon. This project reminds me of Endless Online.

Err but it’s unmoral :D Btw in what language is it programmed?

This game had at most 100 people who played. Now Illutia has about 24

The game has pretty much compleetly died because the support and designe team of illutia stoped caring… so nothing has come from illutia. BUT aspereta was much more popular and i think it will be a good game for people to play and if they get mad i personaly know the owner of illutia…

This is against the TOS of Aspereta(Illutia) and unfortunately private servers are also not legal without the express permission from the owner. Just because you can do it , doesn’t mean you should.

As such, locking this. Feel free to PM if you wish to discuss this further.

I’ve reviewed the Terms of Service for Illutia personally and I found no mention of private servers. Therefore I’m requesting that this topic be unlocked and that moderation do proper and thorough research before making any decisions based on hearsay.

As for the content (sprites, spells, and other objects) he would need permission from the owner to utilize those in his private server. So, dayrock, you’re good to go once you change out the art, names, and other content that have been taken directly from Illutia/Aspereta. You can also substitute the removal of those objects by simply copy/pasting a direct communication with the owner of the material that states they’ve given their express permission to use them.

Private servers are perfectly fine as long as you do not edit, decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise tamper with or distribute the client software as per Illutia’s Terms of Service. Have your guys download the client from the official website, edit the ip/port, and have fun; that is, if you CAN edit the ip/port without tampering with the source and/or unless you have direct permission from the owner (in which case send me a PM of proof and I’ll have this topic unlocked).

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