Tester for Hire/Barter

Well I do bug testing and such for nice people every once in a while. I normally always get nice compliments for my findings. Then I thought about it, I find bugs in games all the time. I’m actually really good at finding unbalanced items or bugs in games. I noticed something too. People make “things” on here and people that try these “things” rarely give bug reports.

I’m purposing to check your engine for bugs (If your a programer or such) or perhaps run through your game or project and offer my advice or opinion about its game play balances, or mistakes. One time I was asked to test a demo just to see how long it kept me entertained.

Its actually quite a flexible thing I’m offering ( if you think about it.)

Well I’m new at this whole sell yourself thing and all. And honestly? I’m not quite comfortable selling my services for money (just yet.) Lets be honest here too, many of the people here are kids with no jobs or money anyways lol

Pricing - possibly free (if your nice -.^) Open to discussion

Barter option available as well ( especially if you’re a skilled programer.)

I’m not really going to charge as high as 10 dollars an hour or anything unless you have quite the huge project for me.

I have good references ; most notably, JC Denton Denton, Naturally anyone that has programed for me in the past as well (Good Ol’ Captain Wabbit comes to mind.) There are other people who have recognized me around here, but I’m not going to put them on the spot (Today.)

If you are interested please shoot me a PM.

lol this is weird, but some people might be actually looking for ppl like you for closed testing.

I have good references ; most notably, JC Denton Denton Denton,

What? I don’t know you!

…jk this guy is awesome at what he does, if you want your engine/game/etc to run at all you need to let him take a look at it. I have had him test almost all of my programming edits as I get them ready to release because he will find errors, crashes, and glitches like no other (it becomes a love/hate relationship once he starts finding bugs quicker than the programmer can fix them :P).

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