Need a World Map tileset???

Fan of RPG maker games?

well here it is, this is the tilesets that i used in my game.

credit to: FirstSeedMaterial and J130R for uploading it.



hit like if you love it :P

Now, I do like that but I don’t like how it displays ‘Cainan Village’ & ‘Sagka Cave’ but then you go lower case on ‘cainan forest’ & ‘lower sagka’ :rolleyes:

well there is a purpose why it is in lower case, but that’s my game. i will never point that out. they have nothing to do in the tilesets. :)

how did ya make it

the what? the map? just download the file and you will know it.


Nice share man. I really like this world map set its the most unique set I have seen. Most likely going to use this for the game I’m making with RPG Maker VXAce.

welcome :)

Very nice 🙂

But… why are you selling ResBak ?

I thought the world map tileset from rpg palace was one of the better ones I’d seen.

link deleted? :hitler: any one have this?

Can someone fix the upload link?

hmmmm why the link deleted? hmm i will check my mediafire account.

Please fix the link ! :)

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