Looking for a game to map!

Hey! You may think I’m new but I am certainly not a noob. I used to have an account here and I just forgot everything about it, username, password, email. So I was pretty much screwed! Anyway I remember back when Total Eclipse was still out and Evolution was still in it’s buggy phase. I have a decent amount of experience with the Eclipse Engine, I know how to use RPG Maker 2000,2003, a little shakey with XP and VX. So I’m a decent mapper. If I just put some time and effort into it. I can make a nice map. I may post some of my work up later. Anyway, I want to help an MMORPG project that is actually worth something. One that will for sure be exposed to the public. I don’t want to work on a waste of time, so please, I you know your MMORPG will be decent and people will play it. I’m in, man. I’m in. But don’t count on me to do all of the mapping. I just meant that we like 50/50 the mapping with each other. I’ll even do some touchups or stuff like that. If you are interested add my MSN to your contacts list on any IM program: [email protected] or [email protected] (you may just want to add my hotmail, because I am on that more than spazbunny.) And even better, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ME! Yep, I’ll do it for free. But I just want full credit k? :azn:

Here is some examples:

Not my best, I kinda just through these together in RPG Maker 2003 in like 10 mins, so…Yeah…

PM me i want u to map my game

Could you show some examples of your work please?


Beast Masters could use us , a highly customized game

Okay! Got some examples up, now tell me if you want me XD

yes, u may map for beast masters

You look dedicated. I think I may just join you on…THE DARK SIDE!!! :evil: I just had to do that…Anyway, why don’t you PM me some details about your game. and maybe a website link and screenies…good ol screenies. :cheesy:

we dont have screenies just yet, we are working on custom tiles, we have grass right now, thats it, anyway…good to have u ON THE DARK SIDE! lol

heres the link for website and forums is on here to


its in progress but there

Do you have an MSN or something? We should discuss from there.


[email protected]

dont ask lol

hey i reckon pokemon Xeon could use you lol and hey corey it’s been a while u r a mapper for our game allready aren’t you well great 2 be working with you again corey and hope u can map for us aswell spaz 😛
i will pm u my msn k

PM me, i like your stuff

Pm me, you look like a good mapper to me.

although my game is just starting i already have a team of 3 people and its growing quickly all tile sets/map and sprites.etc are custom made so its something new my game currently is not even close to done but is progressing quickly and we would love your help if you are interested or would want more information please contact me by personal message or [email protected]



this thread is very old see that post of me saying Xeon that was ages ago….
any mods feel free to lock this thready 😉

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