OBD2 to Python is a python application built for the Raspberry Pi. It will display basic and advanced information for your vehicle. This program is based off of pi2go found at https://github.com/kd8bny/pi2goThe biggest difference is the interface used. I will be using tkinter where at pi2go usede QTBasic Features: Speed, RPM, Temps for oil, coolent, intake, Engine load, Setting of mph, kph, fahrenheit, celsiusAdvanced Features: MPG/LPG, Trip Distance, Engine Time, Logging to SQLite, Fuel Level,

Source - https://github.com/TheDocter/obd2py

As of right now, the program won’t read anything. I have to update the read and writes so that the correct information will be shown. I started this project as a carputer using the raspberry pi. I will be picking up a raspberry pi 2 shortly and be running this on it along with adding in support for radio reception. But that would be a whole different project.

I picked this back up because I wanted to finish it before summer… I may even transfer it to a an android app as well. Either with Kivy, python which is made for android, ios, and what not, or actually using java. I’ll be porting it to droid so I can use it on my Harley as well… I do plan on getting the graphics to look a lot better as well once it all works. as well ass adding in graphs and what not.