Questions Only

The Rules

  • You have to join the convostation only using questions.
  • You can’t suddenly change the subject, you have to reply to the previous person.
  • You can’t put something then add a question on the end. It has to be one whole question.
  • Be clever, try and make it so it’s hard to reply with a question.

I’ll start:

Did you have a good day?

Did you?

Do you think is was better than your day?
(can you beat that?  :P)

Have you done this before?

Why would you wnat to know?

Are you chicken?

Why, are you?

How do I find out?

Why should I tell you how to find out?

Why shouldn’t you?

Dont you think this subject is abit over used?

dose It matter what I think?

Do you think?

Do I think?



Do you think I should change the subject?

Why can’t I?

Did that even make sense?

Dose anything make sense?

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