Wood GUI 1.0

Well, I am making a wooden GUI free for use, but if you could credit me, that would be very nice.

Main menu:

Ill be making the other ones real soon.

fonts a bit nasty chief, maybe widen the spacing a little

yeah, im still in the process of choosing a font… i think ill find a new one for this GUI… but thanks devo

Well its wood, so you could use something nice and oldish…  but i like that wood texture, very seamless!

If you made some knots in the wood, it would look great… but not too many, and not too repetitive.


make it look like its ingraved

there will be no knots… im keeping it more simple… plus, ittl look better without.

knots ruined it last time.

i like the font.
but its yours do whatever you want.


its really shadeless. maybe add more light in certain areas and yeah. But i like the font, just think it doesn’t fit the best with the wood.

I think it looks awsome

Hey, can you send me the image of the wood you used for this please?


umm, no… its mine… make ur own, lol… but, youll be able to get the GUI for FREE… but ims till making it


Hey, can you send me the image of the wood you used for this please?



Learn and make your own style.

Lookin good so far!

ill try to work more on this sometime soon. sorry for the big delay everyone!

you should make the buttons more like signs instead of like holes. It would majorly improve it. (make the signs brighter than the background to).

ill make two versions… cuz i really like this “hole” thing… so do most people… signs imo, wouldnt look that great, but ill do it second.

i like the holes better.

both kinds of holes.

It’s gone. 😧

Uh, pardon me Chief, but, it says the image has been moved or deleted by Photobucket.
:icon_surprised: And, I am browsing GUIs, so I would like to see yours.

Well, I took it down. I am no longer working on this, as I am a very busy person. here it is again, but I only ever did the main menu:

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