[EO 2.0, 2.3, ???] Attackanimation 5 Frames

Hey ho Eclipsians

I got finally 1000 Posts so i decided to do an Tutorial which was much at the requests…

An 5 Frame attackanimation (Frames can be setted)

Client Side


Add above End Type

AttackFrame As Byte

AttackFrameTimer As Long

Public Sub BltPlayer


' Check for attacking animation

And replace with

    If Player(Index).AttackTimer + (attackspeed) > GetTickCount Then

        If Player(Index).Attacking = 1 Then

            If Player(Index).AttackFrameTimer + (attackspeed / 5) <= GetTickCount Then

                If Player(Index).AttackFrame < 3 Then Player(Index).AttackFrame = 3

                    Player(Index).AttackFrame = Player(Index).AttackFrame + 1

                        If Player(Index).AttackFrame >= 9 Then Player(Index).AttackFrame = 4

                            Player(Index).AttackFrameTimer = GetTickCount

                         End If

            anim = Player(Index).AttackFrame

        End If


And thats it xD

It should be logically where to change the Frames else… learn the basics.

EO 2.0

There is no Global-attack animation builded in…

There is an tutorial how to do that or use EO 2.3 (Or rip it from there…)




Ignore the grammatic… else just go away >.<

Nice and simple, like My Tuts ;] Could you add a link to that tut for 2.0?

Well done and gratz on 1000 posts xD

Nice job Mortal :D

is this applicable on my game mortal?

Sitting War i never seen your sry xD (if i understand that wrong… then Its working with 2.0 just making the attack animation global would be needed)

Jaxx Thanks

BugSICK i think yes

If someone want an Tutorial how to make them global (Eo 2.0) then write me xD if i get enough peoples which want it then ill do the tut

I don’t think so BugSICK. We have modGraphics yes? So its possible you could do the almost exact same thing with the sub ‘DrawPlayer’

ok, i will try this. later :) thanks

You should be able to do exact that just instead of bltpPlayer drawPlayer 🙂

Because the Timer stuff and anim =… should be the same

Hello, would you please tell me how the template? the tutorial works, just try to change the. png character and deforms all the content, then I need you to tell me the coordinate of the sprites. Thank you for your tutorial

A quick skim over it makes me assume it’s the same format with a fifth frame at the right side of the picture for the attack frame.

Oh! Thanks I did that in the first option, but I still jump invisible (sprite) then I did down and deformed …

That’s because this will not work as it is on PVO, it’s not made for that engine. You’d need to look at how that engine handles it and adjust accordingly.

can some 1 please upload a template for this?

Don’t think it’s right. I did everything right and the result is a blinking character when I attack

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