Does anyone remember the old ftb classic minecraft challenge map? No? Well i still play the $#!% out of it, and have decided I am going to do a youtube series on it. Pretty much uploading something weekly, and posting it on youtube, and here. So yeah. You pretty much get to watch me worm my way through the biggest skyblock esque challenge map with the biggest mods ever. Kinda pumped to see how it’s going to go.

I can promise that all videos will be uploaded in 1080p, However, i cannot promise audio and video quality will match the numbers on the screen.

Video Link # ONE !!!1!!!1!1111

NOTE: I’ve never actually beaten FTB, I did come close once, when I had spent an entire weekend with a friend of mine, friday through sunday, and there wasn’t a point in it where there wasn’t someone playing. I do hope to do that again some time. But this isn’t any form of speed run.