[UnOfficial] Eclipse Movie Night!

As the Eclipse Movie Night Beta Test turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone involved, we will be continuing this event service, and will also be giving the community a say in the movie that will be displayed!

Eclipse Movie Night(s) will take place twice every weekend, on Saturday, and on Sunday, starting at 7:00 EST.

In this topic, members will be allowed to suggest movies, but there are some rules to suggesting movies.


  • The movie cannot be one already displayed in a previous week.

  • The movie must be at least one hour long.

  • Only one movie can be submitted per person per week.

The movie with the most votes will be displayed on whatever day the suggester chooses, the 2nd place movie’s suggester will have his/her movie shown the remaining day.

Below I will keep a log of the past movies, you can view the movies by following the link provided.

Eclipse Movie Night #1 - The Watchmen: http://www.twitch.tv…ony/b/370650513

Current Suggestions:

Back To The Future

Lord Of War

The Thing


John Lamontagne


The Super Mario movie

The Super Mario movie

Hey Marshy Dearest, can you help me manage this topic?

Just add movies to the poll.


Indie Game: The Movie

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Voting is a little confusing this first week because the poll didn’t open until the day before.

Starting Monday, movies will be introduced up until Thursday, at which the suggestion portion will close, and people can begin voting.



I could vote for all 3 if I wanted… Is that meant to be like that?

A nice way to bring the community together :)

I could vote for all 3 if I wanted… Is that meant to be like that?

I could seem to find the option to only allow one vote, I’ll try and fix that with next week’s vote.

You should stream Zardoz.

TED is playing right now.


Something else will be played tomorrow so more people see it, hopefully. :P


I feel like Lord of War should’ve been in this, since there’s a thread about how that’s an awesome movie right beside this one.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice really?

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice really?

I love Nick Cage. No one plays “Nick Cage playing Nick Cage” better than Nick Cage.

I will resume this event starting next weekend!

Please post any movie suggestions so that we will have a few things to choose from next week.

I’m going to go ahead and suggest Lord Of War.

Voting on the suggestions will start this Thursday.

Back to the Future ❤ I wanna see it so much but cannot find it.

Back to the Future ❤ I wanna see it so much but cannot find it.

I totally second this!

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