Which Graphic Editor do you prefer?

So I thought Id ask a very simple question, which graphic editor do you like to use for each thing.





Plus, just to let you know im posting another fairly simple tutorial at 200 posts 🙂

I use Photoshop for everything, although for items, tiles and sprites I can work in Paint. I just much prefer Photoshop.

I also use Paint Tool Sai for concept art, depending on what I want it to look like.

I hope this is what you were asking?

Yeah, thanks xD I need to get better at using photoshop, I suck xD

Ms Paint and Gimp.

Is Paint.NET anything like Ms Paint?

paint sai,photoshop,mspaint,gimp.

depends what i need.

Is Paint.NET anything like Ms Paint?

Paint.NET is like a midway point between MS Paint and GIMP/Ps. It isn’t as powerful as GIMP or Ps, but is much better than MS Paint.

To be honest, you’re better off using Paint.NET as the default paint program - don’t forget about plugins if you think it’s missing something. Just have a search for them, there’s a few packages around with lots of useful tools in. BoltBait’s pack is good.

I personally use Paint.NET and GIMP. If I can do it Paint.NET, I use that first because I find it nicer to use in general; GIMP feels clunky. However, if it requires a bit more sophistication then I’ll use GIMP.

Photoshop for everything. Layers are crucial.

Photoshop, Corel Draw, and DAZ 3D Studio for sprites sometimes.

Why do you prefer to use DAZ 3D Studio for sprites?

Why do you prefer to use DAZ 3D Studio for sprites?

I like the way I can position everything from the finger bone all the way to body and head positions. I have not made to many sprites with it for my game but the ones I have made

are pretty cool. Its also fun to pose the models any way you want for fun screen shot ads and stuff. Here is a sprite I made in it.


Can it be used for Eclipse sprites then? 🙂

Can it be used for Eclipse sprites then? 🙂

As long as you know how to pose them for each frame then put them on a sprite sheet.

Here is a dragon I did in DAZ 3D


I swear by PhotoShop.

It will have to be Photoshop for me, I have been using it for the past 4 years.


Over GIMP and Photoshop.

I use Photoshop and Illustrator for GUIs, and Inkscape/Illustrator for everything else, when I have a particular want to draw tilesets/items.

What should be used for beginners?

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