How to make paperdolls and how to add them

hi, i was wondering how to make paperdolls and how to add them to the game, pls help

Adding paperdolls is a bit like adding sprites. You simply draw the image you wish to go over your character when they equip something, then make one for each frame in the sprite and make a paperdoll sheet with it. Then, open up your item editor and there should be a scrollbar for selecting the paperdoll the item has. Take a look at the paperdoll given in the default download; there should be one.

Okay, I find thenbest way to paperdoll an item is take a sprite then draw on the item to each frame then remove the sprite. You then save the image into the “paperdolls” folder which can be found in client/data files. To add a paperdoll in game crate your item using the item editor then at the bottom of the form there is a part to choose the appropriate paperdoll.

soo you edit a pic of sprit then draw on it a item then erase the sprit then make a thing for each frame the add to paper doll folder.

Your wording is appauling butmyes 🙂


Did you manage to do it, if so then lock topic and mark as resolved. Thank you.

You can either draw a custom paperdoll or find a picture of a little sword and add it onto sprites.


1.) Right-click on a sprite under ‘characters’ folder on client-side ‘graphics’ and click ‘edit’

2.) Copy/paste your weapons/shields/armor etc. onto the sprite or draw your weapon/armor etc. onto the sprite for each frame or (flip/reverse the image to save time).

3.) Erase the remaining sprite so that the weapon/armor etc. remains.

4.) Open/edit an existing pre-made paperdoll from the ‘paperdolls’ folder on client side ‘graphics’.

5.) Go back to your paperdoll you made and copy it.

6.) Paste it onto the existing paperdoll template and align the weapon/armor etc. to the old paperdoll.

7.) Save as… the next corresponding number in paperdolls.

8.) Make sure the background color is the same as the existing paperdoll template.

9.) Close tabs, and run server/client and press ‘Insert’ to bring up admin panel, then goto items, and make a quick fake one and scroll the bar under paperdoll at the bottom to see if your paperdoll is there.

I hope this helps you!

-Zortala  😛

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