Which to choose, which to choose…

I’m going for a cartoony graphic style here, including the soon to come tiles and items. However I’m not sure which sprite style to go with!

They’re very minimally altered, but I’m having a tough time deciding which one should stick!

Style 1, no thick outline

Style 2, thick black outline

Style 3, thick darkened outline

New possibility, thin black outline

The items and such would all be similar to 1 of these 3 different outline styles:

Which do you think I should use :)?

Demo with some mock tiles:

Cant you show example of those on a map? Also, items are great ^^

I prefer the thin outline for both of them.

I haven’t made tiles yet. (I’m trying to get most of the important programming aspects done first) So I can’t I really show them on a map :c

If I placed them on the normal RMXP tiles, they seem a bit out of place , aha

I’m torn, I really like all 3 styles. Probably would have to see how they look on a tileset.

Aha, wish I had some a set made x) maybe I can make something quickly

For cartoony style would i prefer 2 or 3

2 = Normal on most cartoony style games

3 = not so much black <- i like this one more

For the item 3 looks at best

1 is…chibi 😉 in my opinion

Yeah, After testing it with some test tiles I made, the black outline version seems to fit better. It makes the sprite pop a bit.

I’ll post this screenie in the OP :)

Drew some test tiles that may or may not look like what I’m going for…. Mostly just a mock up.

Second or Third one.

What if the tiles had a black trimming as well ;)

Second. :)

Might just be me, but the thick black outline feels more like an “Aura” around your character. Where you can have another color attached to it for like a fireshield or something.

Option 1, oh god my eyes @ 2 and 3.

Option 3 😉

1 or 3…

3 with black trimming :)

I’ve gotten mixed messages, I have no idea which one to go with, ahaha. And since the screenshot image was in a different order, I’m not sure which one y’all are referring to at times x) Let’s see if I can put a poll up ~!

Probably should have thought of this early, derp.

Thin black outline

That one ^

Aha, I thought so. The whole time I was trying to figure out a good way to outline it I was thinking “I… I’m forgetting something here.”

Definitely 1. I like the thick outline on it.

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