Colour Palette for my project

Hi! I’ve been trying to learn how to create a professional looking colour palette and learn hue shifting, but I just cannot understand the concept after over four hours of trying and reading various tutorials.

So I’d like it if someone could make a colour palette for my project. The point of deciding a colour palette prior to the game is so that the multiple artists working on the project can use similar colours through the game to keep a consistent feel to the world.

Our goal is to have something similar to this (palette wise)

During the day we want the palette to use similar colours to this.

During the night we’ll have a transparent overlay of black/darkblue to desaturise the maps.

If you could create for us a palette with 3 shades in either direction from a base colour like this

[lightest green] [lighter green] [light green] [dark green] [darker green] [darkest green]

But instead of just creating the palette with luminosity/value changes, use the hue shifting technique.

I’d also like it if you could do this for purples, oranges and other various colours - we’re looking for around 150-200 unique colours/shades in our palette for a rich world.

Thanks for reading and help will be appreciated, you’ll be added to the credits for providing a colour palette.

This is my standard palette of PS, I hope it is helpful.

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