Sicne my current project is at a halt till i get a gfx artist to make tiles i am very bored. So i will write or improve storylines for people if they want. If you want you can always pay me with a custommade tileset. If not then ill do it for free. Heres two examples.

The world is young and humans are finally settling down and growing the seeds of society. Villages are springing up and new ideas are being formed. People have deserted there nomadic ways. Deep in the Arakos mountions is one of the first hints of civilization. A small village called Tau has formed. The inhabitants drawn there by the abundant wild life and the mighty river Zaras that runs through the valley. When people first started to settel down they had very little concept of a society. They were used to traveling in a large group following food wherever it went. As the village began to grow so did a new culture and society that was dramatically different from the old ways. The villagers learned to grow food. Planting it on the vast plains that stretched out below the mountions. They discovered new ways to make weapons and tools using metal. Soon not one but three villages were alive and growing in the mountions of Arakos. Each forming a unique culture based upon there surroundings. There is the original village of Tau that sits just below the peak of Mount Dail. Its people have learned to take the minerals they have mined from the mountion and turn them into tools and weapons. There is the village of Jhatin that sits along the mighty Zaras river. They have learned to grow their food instead of relying upon the local wild life as there sole provider. Across the river from the village Jhatin is the small fishing village of Utal. Its villagers are masters of the water. Some brave few are even experimenting with devices that will be able to float on the river. In these new and ever changing times you will be hard pressed to keep up with the world. Its up to you to decide wether or not you will let the world drag you along behind it or if you will lead it.


[current games storyline]

The world of Azure is a world unlike any other. It is a world that is covered entirely by water, except for one known landmass. Azure was not always like this though. It used to have many landmasses. With deserts and forests. Mountions and ice caps. But then one day the people of Azure noticed the riseing waters. It was gradual at first. Just a few inchs each month. Soon the water could be seen lapping at the homes of coastal villagers. They were moveing there villages yearly. Not being able to escape the riseing waters no matter how far inland they went. Soon they were not moveing their villages yearly but monthly. The waters were riseing faster by the day. They sought the highest ground they could. All over the world of Azure people were asking them selves why this was happening. Was it the gods anger? Had they done something wrong? So they prayed and they asked endless questions to their priests and their shamans. None could answer them though. It seemed as if the gods had abandoned them to die. So in the mountions and highlands all around the world people started to build boats. There last salvation would be the ocean itself. For that is where they would be forced to live. Slowly the mountions and highlands of the world were over taken by the waters. The people who inhabited them took their boats and sailed off. Hopeing to find even a small bit of land. There was one pieace of land that did not get entirely submerged. It is now a safe haven and the only known landmass in the entire world. This landmass is called Lemak. Lemak is where your journey begins.