I’m looking for a pixel artist. Not for a permanent team addition by any means, but just a tileset (consisting of ~90 tiles) and a template spritesheet.

Visually, the graphics are 16x16, but they will be upscaled by 4* (nearest neighbour) so they can’t be too noisy. I’m open to any style but minimalist and cartoony. They’re for a strategy game quite similar to Fire Emblem.

For the tiles, I am looking for a range including grass (+ variations), dirt (+ variations), rivers, mountains, trees (+ variations), hills, houses, you get the idea (the basics).

For the sprite template, I’m looking for a 2-frame standing idle animation in all directions and a 2-frame action animation.

If you’re interested, I’d like to see some examples of work. To contact me, please PM me (and ensure you include examples). If I like your work, we can talk and establish methods of payment.