8 Direction Movement

Hello guys, I was just wondering where the movement is handled, like what mods are using it and

pretty much just every place that handles the movement. I also was wondering if it’s handled on

both the client and the server. Don’t link me to a tutorial because I want to try and do this myself.

In short terms I was wondering where the movement was handled and mentioned both client and server side.

Thanks in Advance~

I know you didn’t want it but this tutorial here should answer all or most of your ‘wheres’. It seems pointless for someone to have to type it all out for you. Just shield your eyes :P Only look at the parts that say things like ‘Put this in modBLAH’

And you need to add at the NPC side something small which isnt in that tutorial 😉

Idk anymore what im searching it in my source and post the fix then

Thank you Mortal for your helping hand ;) Hope that fixes you up pretty good there Tahnner. Good luck

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