Problem with max sprites

Hi everyone!

I’m starting to create server and i have 700+ sprites…

i have problem… when i open NPC in panel admin i have max 203 sprites . How can set value up? Anyone know? Please… help ;)

You should be able to go well above that. Tell us what engine you’re using, and go to sprite #204 and tell us the format its in.

are they in correct order? like 1 2 3 4 5…… 203 204 205…

or they are not in correct order? like 1 2 3 4 5… 203 205… (Notice there is no 204 now)

If not, then number them properly, or use an advanced rename program.

ah… I’m using Eclipse Advanced and i have sprites in .png <<<

Yea… maybe they didn’t work, because i have nothing if i get sprite 204…

Can someone give me link with correct sprites? Thanks so much if someone know where can i get sprites png :)

Its not hard to do. Open up your sprites that aren’t png and hit Save As and then select PNG.

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