So im adding a new button to open frm_GuildAdmin but I cant seem to be able to add the button without error 9 when I scroll over it.

i have made a case 7 for the imgbutton and specified for it to call te form. what am I missing?

Add all button images

and add it to maxMainbuttons and to cachebuttons 😉

You missed one of there steps

Where do I add the button images? xD Ive made the graphics for them of course….

In your Gui folders.

I know that facepalm but is there a section that refers to the images used for each case?

For example, a line of code that links my Case 7 to my guild bitmaps?


under main buttons add there one and change the party or whatever you copy to your button name

Thanks bro, just clearing this up 🙂

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