Pixel Artist looking for work


as the topic says I am a Pixel Artist and looking for work.

First some Informations about me:

My name is Rafael, I am 21 Years old and live in Germany.

I started Pixel Art 3 Years ago but I had a break. Now after all my exams are done I can do what I love.Pixel Art :)

After my pc destroyed hisself I can show you the Graphics I could safe:

These are all old and new graphics

And a WIP im working on atm but its not finished

About you:

1. It has to be a serious project!!

2. I prefer paid work.

3. And give me as much informations as possible.

Well if you want some more informations just ask in this topic, send me a pm or add me in skype ( CircleTheDrain)

Thanks and greetz Ruffy :)

Hey Rafael!

I’m the developer of [http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/topic/130412-elandor-chronicles/]Elandor Chronicles]([/font), and I might be interested in your services. I’d like to however see some more of your work is possible. If interested, is there any chance you could try a sample of art (tiles preferably) matching my game style? I may or may not be able to negotiate some small payment, however the project is low budget and I’m merely a university student.

Heyy, my old Computer is destroyed by me so these are my last graphics I could rescue:

That was everything at the moment sry, but im creating since my new computer everyday graphics…:)

Your humanoids are amazing. :)

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