Eclipse event system. help please

hi everyone

i downloaded eclipse event system the other day and have been playing around making things like maps,sprites,spells and stuff

then i decided im going to use this engine for my game

becouse its basical “almost” what im looking for

so i looked up alot of tutorials about things ill need for my project like

8way directional movement

and click to move with mouse

i also looked up how to make the game “fullscreen”

after alot of reading i desided to try and do my first code on the source and add

a “fullscreen” effect to my game

after a few try’s i got it to work but i must have missunderstood the tutorial a bit

i did not get the desired effect lol

but i did get an effect

i managed to put im my game into 800 by 600 “picscreen”

i highlight picscreen becouse im not realy sure what part of the client window it stands for

resalution maybe ?

anyway after a few days of headache with a simple code from a tutorial i desided to post this

and see if anyone would like to give me a little one on one support

maybe just explain to how to adjust the game window properly

in terms i can understand

maybe help me out alot and in turn maybe i can help you

either way any kind of help would be great and who knows maybe we can be friends (=

ps i type like crap im sorry im a newb lol

i kinda want my game to look like this

can you help me?

[attachment=510:the game.bmp]

i hope it post’s the pic im new at uploading

Hey Chopsaw check out this version of Eclipse, I think based on want you want this may be what your after - http://www.touchofde…ique-name-here/

This version is based off of 2.3’s event system so it is stable and intuitive. This version also features 8 directional movement, I think has click to move- or at least I’m pretty sure the dev is working on this (I know when editing maps you can left click to tele anywhere)

This version is pretty noob friendly for those of us who don’t know any programing (or havn’t coded in vb6 in awhile like myself!)

You might want to edit the GUI as it looks pretty awful imo, take a look at Eclipse advanced’s GUI to perhaps emulate since it’s nice clean and unobtrusive.

Anyways check out the page to see it’s features as Rob does a better job of explaining them then I would do.


thanks very much (=

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