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Hi folks!

A long time passed since my last job with Elysium/Eclispe/Mirage Engine, and i’m a little outdated ;) . I’m starting a new project and i’m using the Eclipse Advanced, but i was translating the engine when i saw two terms “AoE” and “DoT” in Spell System. Could anyone explain me what these terms are?

And sorry for my english. Long time with no practice! :P

AoE = Area of Effect - How far a spell can reach.

DoT = Damage over Time - How much damage should be taken.

Also please don’t use EA…use EO or something else but please don’t use EA/ER 😕

Thanks for the help!

But why not use EA. I tried and I didn’t have any problems with it?

You may not notice it but once you start to realise you need to optimise…you would be optimising the ENTIRE thing.

And that says a lot for an engine…

hummm… :wacko:

Thanks again for the advice! I’ll really take that into consideration.

DoT is the damage taken after a ceratin spell is casted over some time like 5-10 secs. e.g If I cast a DoT spell on a NPC which lasts for 10 secs and deals 10 each sec then for every sec till 10 secs the NPC will take 10 HP damage automatically due to my spelll.

your artice is fine ,thinks!

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I agree with Growlith1223, its a good idea to start with EO and build into it only the stuff you need 🙂

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