Displaying more than 255

I was wondering if there is a way to display more than 255 in character screen? Or if there is a way to add some labels which will tell me how much my equipment raises my stats?





Go into client side and server side goto the PlayerRec, And look for the Stats(1 to name - 1) As Byte, Change “Byte” To Long or Integer or whatever. The max for a Byte is 255 so you would need to change it to something higher.

I’m not sure if there is any “limiter” in the code of the server or client anywhere… I’m not sure on that part. but i do know you need to change that and also delete your player accounts(i think you needed to)

But if I change Byte to Long then my player would be able to get more than 255 END thanks to lvl up points?

I just want to see that my stats are raised when I’m wearing my equipment. I’m using more eqiupment slots modification that I found on tutorials here and by giving each of 9 pieces of equipment a 255 END bonus I can get 20050 HP (10*255 END), but my character window always shows that 255 from points I gave myself.

You can change into an integer which allows 32,768. Or u can use a check. like an if statement. An eg would be like this

for i = 1 to stats.stat_count - 1

if player(index).stats(i) > (limit here) then

player(index).stats(i) = (limit here)

end if


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