So hello Minecraft Players i wanna introduce my server funnycraft

Some information about the server:

  • Website: http://www.funnycraft.nl

  • Ip: Server.funnycraft.nl:7001 (redirects to united-craftopia.zapto.org:7001)

  • Owners: Rodney2008(Luigi), Jasper (Me)

  • Server type: Survival (creative mode also available for donators)

  • No griefing (ofcourse)

  • Server languages: Dutch and english

  • Plugins:(All the plugins are professionally updated by the server staff & Java developers)

  • Essentials

  • Ibuy

  • SCS

  • World Edit

  • 30 Player Slots (We set more if we get more players :) if we go above 80 we need more donations :))

  • Epic underground spawn

  • And More

Copy this picture and add it to you’re signature to help us get more players :)