Any idea?

Dr.mrsean told me this countdown means 5 days 2 hours and 9 minutes, BUT what are those in the right like txt_num4, txt_num1, txt_num5 ???

doesn’t that mean that txt_num4 is day, txtnum1 is hour and txt_num5 is minutes?

lol, that’s what i already said, but the question is how to really know wich one is the good countdown, the Right one or the Left one

The txt_nums I think.

Because the code looks like it will show

Day <value>hour <value>min<value></value></value></value>

Face palm…of course, when do you realised, when I said “Countdown” ?


Please do not answer anymore, both are txt_nums, I asked wich ones are good.

or they combine?

like 45 Days 12 Hours and 59 Minutes

or just 5 Days 2 Hours and 9 minutes but then what;s with those in the right?

Ah my bad, it’s: 45 Days 12 hours and 59 min.

The classes are just for altering the display of the numbers.

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