NPCs are invisible clientside on respawn.

Continuation from:

This bug is still relevant and unsolved, please help.

It’s really annoying, someone know how to fix?

Yea , know how to fix?

bump. Why is an important problem being ignored?

Because the most hasnt it 😉 (I think)

On my version its working how it should…

I think it happen in dx7 versions, seems like it’s don’t blting npc.

I use an DX7 Version Eo 2.3 -> Very customized by me

And i dont get that bug

Okay. It happens in fresh install but not in customized version. Leads to the conclusion that somehow you must have dealt with this bug.

The NPC is spawned successfully on the server and can be attacked / attack you. The problem is that the client currently isn’t handling the visual NPC being spawned.

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