EE2.7 i need help

i downloaded ee2.7+librarys and vb6

things i need help with are

how to make the game fullscreen

how to add click to walk

and click to attack

also i need to know to add sprites that are 128X64 and 64X128

its a giant snake lol

please help if you can

toss me some links if possible

my eyes hurt from searching forums that 99% of the time turn out to be useless lol

but i have learned a few things

thanks in advance for the help and im sorry if i type like crap im a newb (=

EE? I know that’s an old version of Eclipse, but why are you using it? It’s terribly outdated. It’d be better if you used EO or Eclipse - Event System. Plus it’d be a lot better to use, unless you’re purposely using EE. If so, there are no longer tutorials for that engine that I can recall.

there are tut, but really y EE???o-o

We don’t support EE it is really bugged. Please switch over to a “modern” engine, like EO 2.0, 2.3 or 3.0

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