Help me put a script on change sprite.

Old thread title “EA user, change sprite.”

i have a problem using the event system “change sprite”. yes it works and the sprite was change but when i logout/exit and connect the sprite is back to previous sprite. did i miss something? any help.



Change: Help me put a script on change sprite.


first off does the change sprite effect the account data for ur char?? if its not doing this that might explain y its not sticking. if this dont match then reexplain xD.,.

im not a coder its just an idea.

Yes, I beleive it just affects the character, not the account. I would look into how the event works. If you simply cannot make it work, then I would add the change sprite map attribute.

well ur sprite is apart of the account if the look isnt save to ur data then it wont stick.

both of you are correct. its been couple of hours to make it work but fail. please jaxx can you make it?

I will look into it. No garentees though EDIT* What version are you using? I just tested the change sprite event and it works fine and loads the changed sprite after I log out.

did you try to login if the sprite still the same?

edit. how did you do it in event? just @change spritE?

Yes it was. Hmmm strange

how did you do it in event? just @change spritE?

Yeah. I changed sprite with then logged out and in again and it was still changed

how did you do that? what version in EA? the latest and last version?


edit, just like this??

Yes, but put an exit event on the end but yea

i try the last version of EA and it works. i think i mess something with the codes when i add stuff. still now working. -.-

sorry for the double post.

Help me put a script on change sprite… like.

Call1 …… something… thanks


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