Account .bin file help

Can I open these .bin files to get some more information than login and passwords? I’d like to use these information to create PHP based rankings and some kind of achievement counter. Any idea how?

Could you use an account manager and use some of the ranking code from a guild code, im not sure if this would work or where you would put the code, just a thought.

Edit: Ill have a look once im home

Like I said I’d like to use the PHP language to extract some information from these .bin files and then show them on a website in a form of ranking or something like this. Then I could make some kind of achievement on my website which will show the first player who completes one of few hidden quests in my game.

As I searched on Wiki, I’ve found out that .bin file is a binary file, so that explains why Notepad++ shows these wierd NUL thingies…

If it is automated try loading the data from the .bin and then send it to the PHP/MySQL server. Then the PHP server handles the stuff appropriately.

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