Looking for mapper and Graphic Designer

Hello I’m mrsean,

Currently I’m working on a game called " Fantasy Angels". I do need a mapper and a graphic designer. I have worked on zero projects. I am only 18 fresh out of high school(online). I do not have any money so i do live with my Parents(yes it’s sad i know) and until I get into college. I would like to create a online game but in order to make one I need a mapper and a graphic designer who knows what they are doing ('cause I don’t). My mapping (i don’t know how to add pictures on here) is horrible. So I am looking for people to work on my game.


what tilesets are you using?

the basic and also the tile set from the event system

Be more specific about what maps you have in your game, and what type of graphics you need.

i have 3-5 sand maps,3 grass, and 1 town and 6 void maps, 3 misc maps. I need sprites and weapons so a pixal artist.


i cant give you sprites or weapons as i am no gud at drawing myself :)

But i could make an installer for your game, and help you get it so it can connect!

I can also make you a website if you want…

ok that will work i can’t pay you but i’ll find a way to repay you.

ok that will work i can’t pay you but i’ll find a way to repay you.

no worries :)

all i want is some cred in ur credits page :)

you will. Thank you.


you will. Thank you.


ty ill get to work now, but btw wat is ur ip?

its just so i can fix ur game connectivity

Pm or email me if you still need help with graphics ect. I can do a little programming for you to add in a couple of features. Email: boyesjs02@gmail.com

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