Changing 32x64 to 48x64

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to do this? I’ve had a look in the source but it’s a little confusing in the blitting area for sprites. I assume it’s probably easier than it seems but if so please someone give me a little help!

Many thanks in advance!

does it matter to you if the grid size changes? Eg 64x64 tiles

Umm I guess not.

I had code in mirage which allowed me to use 48 width and 64 in size which worked fine on maps.

the sprites were centered on tiles fine too if that makes sense. I don’t care for paperdoll so I don’t need to edit any of that. I just need it to simply work normally.

If you can help me out please do 🙂 aslong as you dont mind!

Go into mod constands and find
’ Image constants
Public Const PIC_X = 32
Public Const PIC_Y = 32

change 32 to 64

ah i see what you did there but that’s not quite the way it’d work.

The way I did it was actually make the sprites themselbes 48x64.

so basically, it would be 32x 64 however o nthe left and right there would be an extra 8 pixels.


L being 8 pixels X being 32 and R being another 8

I guess someone might know how to. I’ll keep messing around though until I get it.

I want that too…  but i dont know wich frm/mod edit in cource for change size sprite???

hm… i need a little big becouse i wanna create big sword… and use paperdoll in (Project Vertigo)>

I want to have such weapons as LaTale or MapleStory ^^ if weapon is the size 64x32 i need char with size 64x64…

Hm… I want to add a lot new monsters:

and boss…

but first I need edit source…and change size… but I dont know where…

after than… I do animations…

Please anybody help me?

I will be grateful becouse I looking that a long time…

Vallander, Eclipse Origins has dynamic sprite sizes. You might look into the code to see how Robin does it. As it is, there are no tutorials for it, although I know there are people who could do it.

Regardless, posting on a 17-month old topic is not the way to go about it. Look into the source code for EO, first, then make a post if you have questions.

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