Visual Guild Menu problem

Using this guide: http://www.touchofde…eo-2030-guilds/

i experienced several problems, most of which, i fix myself. but since i’m not a great coder, i cannot find nor fix the problem.

first problem is this:

The problem also works the other way around, when a play is in a guild, each time they login they get the: create-a-guild thing, when they click decline, it doesn’t appear again until they relog.

Second problem is that the guildmember list won’t update, it stays empty, whether there is 1 guy in the guild or 50, no names are displayed.

i would LOVE some help :)

Maybe u forgot to add smtn in drawPlayername so he doesnt show the guild u are in?

For guild creation make it smtn like

if in guil then visiable = false

I better suggest u to go to ur backup and redo that system, thats the way of learning little bit of vb6. ;)

redone tutorial dozens of times,maybe it’s just my base, i did ALOT of work on it. maybe some subs or functions got switched or something, well, i’m going to keep trying, I WANT TO PLAYERS TO HAVE A GUILD SYSTEM! 😃 (any help is still welcome

Just make the part that shows those laels invisible if player is not in a guild.

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