Even More drawings Now has 3 =)

this one was just practice.


another one

Looks pretty good, i always wish i knew how to draw.

what tutorial are you following?


mine wasnt as good, it was only my 3,4 try drawing manga XD.

The Hair is nice, however, the structure of the head and the placing of the eyes are bad, keep practicing though. Learn anatomy, then turn that anatomy into a style of manga. That’s what I’m doing.

Added another drawing.

Mark Crilley is awesome! He is a great manga artist! I watch his videos even though I could never draw it if I tried ha ha! I still haven’t gotten around to picking up the first volume of Miki Falls.

Anyways! Wing you have a great start and with the tuts from Mark you should be going in no time, he covers everything from the eyes to wrinkles in clothing.

Also a tip from me to you, pick up manga from a local book store… Doesn’t matter which, just one that has well done art and pick up on little details from the pro’s. That’s how a lot of manga artists get started.

Good luck and post more when ya make it! 🙂

You’re rough on your second drawing, or maybe it’s charcoal, but anyways fix the eyes, I don’t see an indication of any pupil and I’m guessing the hair is covering the nose? The neck is too short and the head too choppy. Also when you’re sketching you don’t need to go over it with charcoal or anything.

the scanner made it look like charcoal  😛
the hair is covering the nose

Oh, btw you’re missing the eyebrows x].

Psh haha, eyebrows are not always needed.

but it looks werid on certain drawinsg
if they dont
good work tho
i luv art
i do abstract art

To one who knows almost nothing about manga/anime (me), they look pretty cool


Psh haha, eyebrows are not always needed.

To add facial emotion, and define a certain character is what I use eyebrows for. IMO, they’re mandatory for a good Manga Character.



eyebrows mean alot

Depends really, in his pic yes I would say the face needs eyebrows. In manga typically a picture of one of the characters either focuses on body deatail (as in clothing) or facial detail(eyebrows!). Other wise they will obscure all detail to give an emotion to the characters entire body.

hey guys, i drew another one, but i find that the detail gets ruined after scanning.

Should i take a picture or scan?

Picture if scanning has ruined detail.

added another drawing

Nice drawing, Is it just me or does the hair look a touch odd?

Everything below the waist needs to be fixed up. Legs are fudged.

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