ProspektReborn-MAPPER NEEDED!!

Hang out with friends, kill some monsters and prepare for unique events. Every player in Prospekt is writing his/her own story. Expect The Unexpected!



(For more games:) eatenBrain Studio:

Server is online 24/7


Leader Deathbeam, Sacra

Mapper (2/4) Sacra, Smasher Yoshi

Webdesigner/developer (1/2) Deathbeam

DM (3/4) Jaxx, Sacra, Smasher Yoshi

Coder (1/1) Deathbeam

Graphic Artist (1/1) Hybrid

Music artist (1/1) Hybrid

Pixelartist (1/2) Hybrid, HuK

Please all welcome Diee as mapper!!:)

Your using Custom Graphics?

If you’re asking this cause you’d like to be mapper/pixelartist, etc - We use a mix of rpgvx and rpgvx edits…

If not please ask at our thread next time:)

i am thinking to apply but i only have 1-2 hours on the game including my project too, and sometimes i don’t touch my game lol… just roaming around from site to site.

1-2hours per day on this game or on yours?

Important is if you will stay working on pr not just one day

both. :lol:

So if You wanna spend some time on it you can test if you like it, but im not sure if this will work…

bump bump Bumpidy bumb…

Still searching for all those positions!!:)


I can be a mapper if you want i can help you.

bye :)

Nice post some of your maps please:)

i dont have good tilesets

oh the bottom picture isnt the good one i have one that he is more detailed

i dont have good tilesets

A good mapper is capable of making great maps despite the tilesets. Your maps aren’t that good at all, definitely not up to par with what needs to be in an ORPG.

than make you the maps if you’re so good

I think you should train mapping a bit and look put for helpful critic…

Good luck:)

Please all welcome Hybrid. to the team!! He’s graphic/pixel/music artist now!!

Does he make sprites?

Just asking…


Still looking for Mapper and DM position!!

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