PythianRealms Needs Graphics Artists


So, I have things, such as the programming and storyline aspects, to do on PythianRealms and I personally, am horrible at graphics.

As such, in order to actually get the amazing updates of PythianRealms kicked off, I need graphics artists! You’ll get full credits in the game, along with an NPC or item of your choice in the game… the only catch, of course, being that you’d have to design them. Or, you could just have me add a message somewhere in the game, of your choice. 😉

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, or see my topic on PythianRealms for more information.



It might help to add more information about this, like what PR actually is…some story behind it? Some mechanics? Something to get people interested.

Since there’s no info provided about the game itself on this page here is the link to topic about it

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