Double Death

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Intro, or how to completely bore everyone within the first paragraph of a post

So uh, hi everyone. Double Death is my first real project as an Indie Dev, and up to this point has been a crazy

experience for me. I’m creating the game mainly in GM:S, although I’ve had to do some additional coding for

GM Extensions to extend the capability of the engine. Double Death is a zombie (yes, another zombie game) beat’em/shoot’em up

which I created with the original idea in mind of being a 2D Killing Floor. Since then I’ve added a lot more from many inspirational sources,

including L4D, TF2, and older games like Metal Slug. Not only have a learned a ton from Double Death, but it’s also been the source

of my motivation for the last three years (even after a complete hardware failure) and an experience which has lead me to incorporate

as a business and get in touch with a publisher to bring the game to Steam in the future.

Features, or what actually makes the game worth playing

  • Wave-based Survival Modes, both with a classic survive 10 wave mode and an endless mode
  • Infection Mode, similar to Versus in L4D
  • Player Customization with hats,etc similar to TF2
  • Weapon Customization. There are around 8 weapons and 30 or so mods to customize these weapons
  • Co-op Multiplayer + Singleplayer
  • Dedicated Server Support
  • Modding. Allows for players to make custom game modes, maps, weapons, zombies, mods, etc.
  • 8 Maps on release
  • Arcade (Story) Mode which acts as an Objective based mode taking place on custom maps
  • Backpacks, which are instanced per match and increase player carrying size and such. Can be traded.

Screenshots_,_ or the only thing people really care about when opening a thread

Warning: There’s ALOT here



! So yeah. The game’s still in development and should be released on Steam, among other platforms, in a few months or so. There’s a lot
! more screenshots on the IndieDB and Devlog pages, so if you’re interested be sure to check those out.
! Thanks everyone,
! Bonesy_

Love the graphics, they look awesome ^^

love the art style and the animations are pretty damn good

Graphics are great!

This looks awesome 🙂 can’t wait for release

Thanks everyone!

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