Eclipse Origins 4.2.3 - pet error

Okay before I get started: Hi. I’m Gahduvdeth. For those of you that can’t pronounce things like that, it’s pronounced “God Of Death”. I’m only throwing this out there because this forums seems to have an appalling lack of an introductory board (unless I’m missing something???).

Anyway, to the point.

For some reason, I can’t get pets to work in 4.2.3. I create the pet, then it goes into the character’s inventory (whether through a shop, item drop, or spawn…I’ve tried all three).

The player can’t summon the pet, and when clicking on the Pet tab, it throws an error saying the player doesn’t have a pet.

Am I missing something here? A patch, maybe? Or is this just a bug that happened when 4.2.3 was created to be identical to gold, etc.?

@[member=“Gahduvdeth”] I believe that is a common bug with EO4 I would recommend not to use EO4 as it is a very buggy and horrible engine

I would suggest you use Eclipse Worlds as it is currently being supported. Good luck to you also please change the title of your topic to something like “E0 4.2.3 pet error”. So people know what they are reading before hand.



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